Exporting to Saudi Arabia - Additional Products to be Registered in SABER

SABER Registration - additional products

Further to our previous announcements regarding the SALEEM Programme for Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has advised Certification Bodies that Saudi importers of products falling under the scope of the below Technical Regulations will need to use the SABER platform to certify the products from 15th June, 2019.


  • Metals & Alloy Products used in the construction (Building Materials – Part 1), TR No: M.A-156-16-03-01
  • Insulation and cladding material for walls, ceilings and floors (Building Materials – Part 2), TR No: M.A-156-16-03-02
  • Hydraulic Binders (cement, gypsum, Building Limes), concrete and derivatives (Building Materials – Part 3), TR No: M.A-161-17-07-02
  • Sanitary Ware, Tiles, Bricks, Blocks & related products (Building Materials – Part 4), TR No: M.A-161-17-07-03
  • Lift Elevator System & similar systems, TR No: M.A-161-17-07-05


SASO has advised all approved Certification Bodies to stop issuing Certificate of Conformity (CoC)  from their own systems from 1st June, 2019 instead of the earlier notified date of 15th May 2019 and strictly start using the SABER platform from 1st June 2019, for certifying products falling under the scope of the above listed Technical Regulations. 


From 15th June, 2019, shipments of products subject to these Technical Regulations will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless they have the necessary Certificates issued through the SABER Platform. 


In addition to the above, as announced earlier, Importers are reminded that shipments of products falling under the scope of the below Technical Regulations would require to be processed in SABER: 


  • Liquefied petroleum gas appliances and  accessories, TR No: M.A-156-16-03-04
  • Gulf Technical Regulation for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment, TR No: BD-142004-01
  • Gulf Technical Regulation for Children’s Toys, TR No: BD-131704-01
  • Technical Regulation for Lubricating Oils, TR No: MA-155-16-03-01 


SASO has further clarified that in addition to G-Mark Electrical products, all other Electrical Low Voltage Products (also known as LVE/LVD appliances) shall be processed through the SABER platform only. Such Electrical Low voltage products shall be certified based on applicable SASO and/or IEC Electrical Safety Standards taking into account the National deviations and other general essential requirements.


Intertek can provide its expert services to clients for obtaining the relevant SALEEM certification. Intertek is a SASO approved Conformity Assessment Body for operating the new Programme for most of the Technical Regulations in the five regions.


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