Exporting/Importing to Saudi Arabia - additional products to be registered within SABER

Further to our previous announcements regarding the Saudi Product Safety Programme (SALEEM)for Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has advised Certification Bodies that Saudi importers of products falling under the scope of the below Technical Regulations must be advised of the following tentative enforcement schedule in SABER:


PhaseBeginsTechnical Regulation ReferenceTechnical Regulation Title
V1st Nov 2019MA-162-17-04-02Technical Regulations for Auto Spare Parts
V1st Nov 2019MA-165-18-04-04Technical Regulations for Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing
VI1st Dec 2019MA 164-18-05-02Technical Regulations for Textile Products
VI1st Dec 2019MA-155-16-03-02Technical Regulations for Detergents
VI1st Dec 2019MA-162-17-04-01Technical Regulations for Trailers and Semi-Trailers
VI1st Dec 2019MA-165-18-04-03Technical Regulations for Photovoltaic Cells
VII1st Jan 2020MA-165-18-04-02Technical Regulations for Games and Devices of Amusement City
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations Adhesives and Related Products
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations for Doors and Windows
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations for Ornaments and Decorations, Pipes and pipes of Plastic and Metal used in Water and Electricity Installation Networks (Building Materials - Part 5)
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations for Telecommunications Devices
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations for Packaging
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulation of Materials and Surfaces for Contact with Food
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations for Shoes and Leather
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations for Simple Pressure Devices
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulations for Fire Fighting Equipment
  Not PublishedTechnical Regulation for Fireworks


Intertek recommends that preparatory measures be taken in advance to register your product portfolio in SABER based on the scope of the aforementioned Technical Regulations.

Intertek can provide its expert services to clients for obtaining the relevant Saudi Product Safety Programme (SALEEM) Certification. Intertek is a SASO approved Conformity Assessment Body for operating the new Programme for most of the Technical Regulations in the five regions.

Our Intertek team is here to help you and your organisation to understand and apply this important and latest market access regulation in Saudi Arabia.

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