SASO RoHS Update for Electricals for Saudi Arabia

Exporting/Importing Electrical and Electronic Products to Saudi Arabia - Update on SASO RoHS requirements

Further to our previous announcements regarding the enforcement of RoHS requirements for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), SASO recently published an update concerning the SASO RoHS Technical Regulation (TR No. MA 179-21-09-01) in the Saudi Gazette. The context of this amendment to the SASO RoHS Technical Regulation is outlined below: 


  • Certain control and monitoring equipment have been included in the scope of excluded products.  Annex 1B of the amended SASO RoHS Technical Regulation lists the excluded control and monitoring equipment.
  • Applicants (Manufacturers and/or their Legal representatives in the KSA) need only provide a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (S-DoC) declaring that their products comply with the requirements of the SASO RoHS Technical Regulation in lieu of RoHS Test Reports or product certification.  Other type of Applicants who cannot provide such a declaration from Manufacturers and/or from their Legal representatives in the KSA shall provide valid RoHS Test Reports during conformity assessment of the products. 


Intertek's experts can provide further guidance to customers so as to ensure that the electrical and electronic products covered in the scope of the SASO RoHS Technical Regulation and to be placed onto the market of the KSA, comply with the mandated requirements.




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