Mandatory Requirement of Importer Declaration Form for Saudi Arabia

Exporting/Importing to Saudi Arabia – Mandatory requirement of approved Importer declaration form for certain products

Starting from 31st July 2022 onwards, the Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization  (SASO) will be implementing the mandatory requirement of submitting an Importer declaration form approved by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources for the following regulated product shipments, prior to the issuance of Shipment Certificates of Conformity (S-CoCs):                   

Rolls of Handkerchiefs 

(KSA Customs Tariff Codes - 480300100005, 480300100004, 480300100003, 480300100001, 480300900001, 480300100006)

Manhole Covers 

(KSA Customs Tariff Codes - 732599100001, 732690300002, 732690300001, 732599109999, 732599100001, 732510109999, 732510100002, 732510100001)

Polyester Fiber

(KSA Customs Tariff Codes - 5509529000, 5503200000)

Window Shades (Blinds)

(KSA Customs Tariff Codes -730890900002

The Importer declaration form on its approval by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources will include a system generated barcode. Intertek will be verifying the submission of the approved Importer declaration form prior to finalising the S-CoCs in SABER.


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