22 Mar 2016

Exporting to Saudi - SASO issues revised Standard for Plugs and Socket Outlets effective May 2016

The Saudi Standards, Quality and Metrology Organization (SASO) has published and issued a revised standard SASO 2203/2015-“Plugs and Socket-Outlets for Household and Similar Purpose”.

This standard, in conjunction with supplementary standards GSO BS1363-1/2009 and GSO BS1363-2/2009, updates the requirements for verifying compliance of plugs and socket outlets exported to KSA.

  • GSO BS1363-1 and GSO BS1363-2 are similar to BS1363-1 and BS1363-2 with minor national deviations.
  • SASO 2203/2015 shall supersede the standards SASO 2203/2003 and SASO 443/2003.

Enforcement of this updated standard shall commence from the 8th May 2016. 

The major changes effected in the revised SASO 2203/2015 standard are:

  • The scope of the standard includes plugs and socket outlets rated up to and including 250V.
  • The SASO standard reference number on the plugs and socket outlets is no longer a mandatory requirement.

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