04 Dec 2018

Exporting Products to Saudi Arabia - Enforcement of Oxy-Biodegradable Logo on Plastic Products

Further to the stage 1 enforcement of SASO Technical regulation for degradable plastics on 14th April 2017 covering shopping bags, garbage bags, clothing bags, and tablecloths, exporters and suppliers of plastic products to Saudi Arabia are hereby advised of the 2nd stage of implementation of this regulation, in compliance with SASO 2879-Degradable Plastic Products.

This will commence on 1st February 2019 for the additional products listed below.

Stage 2: List of Products and their associated Saudi Arabia Customs Tariff Codes

SL No.  Product Name KSA Customs Tariff Code
1 Flower plastic wraps, Overwraps (Plastic covers for secondary packaging), Heat-shrinkable plastic films 392010000000
2 Elastic plastic films for goods; packaging, Bubble plastic bags and plastic covers for protection against shocks 392119000000
3 Clinging plastic films ‘rolls’ for packaging 391910000000
4 Bags for packaging of bread, nuts, sweets, and all bakery products, Carrier bags, Courier and security bags Mail order bags for periodicals (bags for magazines and newspapers) 392321100000
5 Disposable tableware (such as plates, spoons, and cups) 392410300000

Exporters of the above-listed products should ensure that the products are in compliance with the SASO Technical Regulation for Degradable Plastic Products and are marked with the SASO Oxy-biodegradable logo before their export to Saudi Arabia with effect from the enforcement date.