12 Aug 2016

SON issues notification of the indefinite closure of the Electronic Provisional Certificate Clearance

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has recently published in the Nigerian media the following announcement:

"As of the 24th July 2016, the provisional SONCAP default Certificate platform has been closed indefinitely."

The provisional SONCAP Default Certificate platform, also known as Electronic Provisional Certificate Clearance (e-PCC) was a provisional arrangement made for the clearance of regulated consignments that were imported into Nigeria without going through the SONCAP Certification process. 

Applicants can no longer use the e-PCC for regulated consignments imported into Nigeria and must obtain SONCAP certification from Independent Accredited Firms (IAFs), such as Intertek, for their regulated consignments to enable Customs clearance at Nigerian Ports/Borders. 

Intertek is an International Accredited Firm (IAF) by SON for facilitating the issuance of SONCAP certificates with vast experience and a global network of offices that can deliver this service in an efficient and timely manner.