Verification Service for Lighting Global Quality Assurance Programme

Connecting buyers with quality assured manufacturers and sellers of off-grid lighting products through the Lighting Global Quality Assurance Programme.

The Lighting Global Quality Assurance Programme supports the growing global market for modern off-grid energy with a widely applicable, rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) framework to strengthen and develop the private sector in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, and Papua New Guinea. 

Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s platform to support development of commercial markets for modern energy services for 1.3 billion without access to electricity.

Intertek has signed a Cooperation Agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, authorizing Intertek to support their Lighting Global Quality Assurance Programme through inspection and testing.

Lighting Global, IFC and the World Bank collaborate with the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA), the solar energy services industry and development partners to spur growth of markets for clean, affordable, modern energy services.

This voluntary programme requires qualified manufacturers or vendors of off-grid lighting products/ pico-lighting products to verify their products via an approved laboratory such as Intertek's, in order to meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Products that are tested and found to meet the Quality Standards are listed on the Lighting Global website. Manufacturers/Vendors with quality-assured products may apply to become a Lighting Global Associate and access fee-based country specific business development services provided through the Lighting Africa and Lighting Asia programs. 

The verification process will cover inspection, testing according to IEC/TS62257-9-5 as well as result reporting for off-gird lighting products all around the world. 

Intertek has the only laboratory in Hong Kong which is approved to conduct testing for Lighting Global.

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