Cargo Scanning

In a global marketplace where illicit cross border trade is still thriving, supply chain security has never been more crucial. Customs need to prevent illegal transport of drugs, arms, other illegal goods, and migrants.

Cargo Scanning plays a critical part in the non-intrusive inspection of import, export and security controls. When combined with effective profiling methods, non-intrusive scanners can greatly improve the Customs and Security functions by screening cargo flows at both sea and land borders.

Intertek’s Supply Chain Security solutions offer complete or bespoke packages to assist with the implementation of such programmes and we have extensive experience in all aspects of cargo scanning including:

  • Selection, operation and maintenance of non-intrusive cargo screening and associated equipment.
  • Design and build of scanning facilities
  • Selection, recruitment and training of staff
  • Training and monitoring of image interpreters

Our solutions can cover all aspects of the operation and maintenance of scanners and other non-intrusive inspection equipments, including:

  • Operation of the scanners and other non-intrusive inspection equipment for the length of the agreement.
  • Recruitment and training of all local operations staff.
  • Assistance in the recruitment and training of Image Interpreters
  • Provision of a selectivity and risk assessment software package
  • Possible enhancements to the screening facility to further improve its capability and the requirements of international conventions.
  • Integration of the equipment with existing Customs and Security processes
  • Training of Government officials to take over the management of the project at the end of the Concession period.

Procurement of the Cargo Screening System:

There is no perfect type of scanner or other non-intrusive inspection equipment or manufacturer.

Intertek can carry out a survey to assess and advise on which is the best solution for any particular port or border crossing. We also monitor and introduce, where necessary new technologies and enhancements to existing products to enhance screening operations.

Our buying power enables us to obtain the most cost-effective prices.

Our approach results in high throughput and efficiency, reducing costs to our clients.

Selecting Containers or Trucks for Screening.

Intertek’s profiling system, Selectivity and Risk Assessment (SARA) is a highly effective software package using advance artificial intelligence to select ‘high risk’ containers or cargoes for screening.

The software is built and supported by Intertek and can be subject to a wide range of local management controls. Other systems may be needed to assist with the management of customs controls and the requirements of international protocols including:

  • Customs Management Systems (CMS)
  • Radiation detection equipment
  • Container Code Recognition Systems (CCR)
  • Automatic Number Plate Readers


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