Get laboratory expertise in the field at your location

Testing your products or systems in the field helps mitigate your risk of project failure or lack of compliance. Through Intertek’s field testing and mock up services, we partner with customers to help assure them of the quality, performance, and compliance of their work before completing the construction project.

Field Testing
Offering on-site testing for a variety of materials and products, Intertek’s field testing provides you invaluable data before the project begins. From acoustical performance to air infiltration, water leakage, and structural performance, we have the capabilities to help you mitigate your risk before it is too late.

Mock Up Testing
The integrity of a building’s envelope depends on the performance of its curtain wall, and to ensure that it is designed properly and functions as required, Intertek offers comprehensive mock-up testing facilities and across North America. Offering the most linear capacity in the world, our customers utilize the results of the test to validate the design, workmanship, and material selection to gain the approval of clients, architects, or consultants.

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