Standard: AAMA 501.2-15 – Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Check of Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls, and Sloped Glazing Systems

Scope: This test is utilized to provide quality assurance and diagnostic field water penetration check method for installed storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing systems.

Applicable Products: Applicable to curtain walls, storefronts, window walls, sloped glazing systems, skylights, atriums, WRB/AVB, coping, fascia and soffit.

Test Procedure: Water is applied using a hand-held spray assembly employing a type B25 #6.030 nozzle, pressure gauge, control valve and a 3/4" hose. The water flow is adjusted to produce 30 psi at the nozzle. Water is directed at the joint under test, perpendicular to the face of the specimen. The nozzle is moved slowly back and forth above the joint, at a distance of one foot, for a period of five minutes for each five feet of joint. An observer on the inside checks for water leakage and documents the results.

End Result: The product tested meets the performance criteria for water penetration resistance or does not meet criteria and further remediation may be required to pass.


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