Standard: ASTM C1715-15 – Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Water Leakage Performance of Masonry Wall Drainage Systems

Scope: ASTM C1715 describes a standard procedure for determining the ability of masonry wall drainage systems to collect water that penetrates the exterior masonry wythe during rainstorms and divert this water back to the exterior surface of the wall.

Applicable Products: Masonry wall drainage systems.

Test Procedure: Water is directly introduced into the masonry wall drainage system through holes drilled in the exterior masonry wythe. Water is introduced along the interior face of the exterior masonry wythe via hoses at each entry point. These hoses are connected to a common water source. The flow rates are controlled by flow regulators attached to each of the entry point hoses or to a manifold that distributes water uniformly to multiple hoses. Limits are set for several parameters to control the velocity and volume of water at points of entry as well as limits on the minimum number and maximum spacing of entry points to obtain uniform distribution of water along the interior face of the exterior masonry wythe. Interior and exterior observations are performed before, during and after testing to identify water leakage and to observe the discharge of water to the exterior. The minimum test period is 1.5 hours or once water leakage has occurred.

End Result: Upon the completion of a successful test, the product meets the performance criteria for water penetration resistance or does not meet criteria and further remediation may be required to pass.


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