Standard: ASTM E488 - Standard Test Method for Strength of Anchors in Concrete Elements

Certification Required: IAS Accreditation

Scope: This test method assesses the tensile and shear strength of post-installed and cast-in-place anchors in cracked or uncracked concrete.

Applicable Products: Intended use for post-installed and cast-in-place anchors installed perpendicular to a place surface

Test Procedure: For field testing; A 5% pre-load will be applied in the designated test direction prior to the test load to bring all members into full bearing. Each test load will be applied gradually during a time of approximately 30 seconds. The desired test load will be held for a period of 10 seconds, released, and test area inspected for damage.

End Result: To assess for failure methods including Pullout or disfiguration of the anchor, cracking of concrete surrounding the anchor, fracture of any component including hardware and accessories.


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