Ensure the proper installation and function of your building’s roofing systems

Detect and resolve roof installation issues prior to the completion of your construction project. Whether your building has a low or steep slope roofing system, a green roof, solar panels, a plaza deck with planters and water features, or a below grade foundation system, a water-tight structure is crucial to reducing the risk of litigation cases stemming from roofing issues.

With a full suite of consulting services and field testing available, Intertek has the expertise and capabilities you need to ensure the proper design and installation of your roofing or waterproofing systems or to perform an analysis to determine the failure mode and resolve the issues at hand.

Field Testing

  • Wind Uplift
  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Air Leakage
  • Infrared Imaging

Consulting Services

  • Condition Survey / Damage Assessment
  • Failure Investigation
  • New and Repair / Replacement Design
  • Design Review
  • QA Field Observations
  • Manufacturer Installation Guidelines
  • Litigation Support

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The Directory of Roof Assemblies (DORA) is a web application database of low slope roof systems tested in accordance with standards referenced in Chapter 15 of the International Building Code (IBC). This service has been developed to be a reference source easily used by owners, design professionals, roof consultants, code officials and other users.
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