Standard: ASTM E1014 - Standard Guide for Measurement of Outdoor A-Weighted Sound Levels

Scope: This guide covers the measurement of A-weighted sound levels outdoors at specified locations or along particular site boundaries, using a general purpose sound level meter.

Applicable Products: Any outdoor noise sources.

Test Procedure: A calibrated class-1 sound level meter is used to measure the overall A-weighted sound pressure level at either a site perimeter or a specified location. These measurements are conducted at various times of day depending on the noise source, ambient environment, and impacted receiver. The measurement is to include duration of the measurement and the minimum, maximum and LEQ values indicated by the sound level meter. If available on the sound level meter used, also record the L90, L50 and L10 values. The time of measurements as well as the GPS location, temperature, humidity, pressure, and other meteorological characteristics shall be recorded.

End Result: Upon completion of a successful test, a report will be generated that shall include all necessary graphs and summary tables of the data. The report shall also include a map with source, receiver, property lines, topology, foliage, transportation corridors along with all other environmental factors.


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