Standard: AAMA 501.1-17 – Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Windows, Curtain Walls and Doors Using Dynamic Pressure

Scope: This test is utilized to provide quality assurance for evaluating the structural adequacy of exterior wall systems and their ability to resist water penetration and air leakage.

Applicable Products: Applicable to curtain walls, storefronts, window walls, WRB/AVB, coping and fascia. Fenestration products are only included in testing if they are installed as a component of the exterior wall test specimen.

Test Procedure: Dynamic water penetration testing is conducted at the specified air pressure differential by utilizing a wind generator employing an 84" diameter propeller. Water is simultaneously sprayed on to the exterior face of the assembly at the required rate of 5 gph/ft2. Testing continues for 15 minutes. During testing, the interior face of the test area is inspected for water leakage.

End Result: Upon the completion of a successful test, the product meets the performance criteria for air infiltration resistance and water penetration resistance or does not meet criteria and further remediation may be required to pass.


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