Standard: ASTM C1601-10 – Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Masonry Wall Surface

Scope: This test method covers the field determination of water penetration of a masonry wall surface under specific water flow rate and air pressure conditions.

Applicable Products: Applicable to masonry walls.

Test Procedure: The perimeter of a 3' by 4' test chamber is attached and sealed to the exterior wall. The chambers are constructed using an aluminum frame with a 1/4" Lexan face attached and sealed to the wall with Tapcon screws and various tapes/sealants. The chambers are equipped with a centrifugal blower and a pressure sensing device to maintain the required air pressure differential across the test area along with a water flow meter. Uniform water spray is applied to the test area at the specified flow rate of 3.4 gal/ft²/hr to create sheet flow on the concrete wall face inside of the chamber. Water is sprayed continuously for 4 hours following a 30-minute pre-conditioning period. Reservoir water level, air pressure and water flow rate are checked and water loss recorded at five minute intervals throughout the test period.

End Result: Upon completion of a successful test, the masonry wall surface meets the performance criteria for water penetration resistance or does not meet criteria and further remediation may be required to pass.


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