Textile and Apparel Auditing Services

Our client-focused textile, apparel and footwear auditing services range from verifying individual transactions to full process inspection, development, safety and compliance checks.

Intertek’s trained auditors assess the quality facilities, procedures and systems providing an independent assessment of the factory’s quality systems and an independent view of the facility’s precision in producing consistent quality textile, apparel and footwear products.

Intertek also offers a comprehensive inspection program based upon statistical analysis of finished goods (sampling according to ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO 2859, BS 6001). To ensure conformance with pre-approved samples, our inspectors randomly select finished goods, compare these with established criteria, and report their findings based upon predetermined Acceptance Quality Level (AQL).

Intertek offers the following audit solutions for textiles and more:

Inlight – Enhance Supply Chain Visibility and Manage Risk

  • Collection and cleansing of supplier information
  • Completion of business profiles
  • Risk-based analysis and reporting
  • Verification services

Mill Qualification Program (MQP) - A New Operating Environment for Sustainable Textiles Suppliers

  • Garment quality starts with fabric quality - the further down the supply chain you start the better
  • Controls fabric quality, environment issues and social attributes
  • Offers 4 Separate modules:
    • Quality (Quality systems)
    • Testing (Laboratory)
    • Environmental (TGI)
    • Social (WCA)

Think Green Initiative (TGI) - A Sustainable Approach to Greening the Value Chain

  • Enables manufacturers to complete the trilogy: Think Green, Act Green and Be Green
  • Allows factories to simultaneously demonstrate environmental performance and improve bottom line

Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) - Manufacture with Confidence

  • Provides factories with improved controls and processes for managing product quality and safety
  • Incorporates elements of GMP, BRC, FMEA and ISO principles, supported by product-specific modules for softlines, toys, footwear, furniture and hardline
  • Aligns with the general requirements of US and European retailers

Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) - Measured Results : Improved Performance

  • Evaluates factory workplace conditions and puts working hours into perspective by benchmarking against sector, country and global averages
  • Enables you to demonstrate your performance on real issue - Good Workplaces = Happy People
  • Teaches new approaches for assessing, benchmarking and communicating workplace performance in order to measure the positive progress made and identify areas for continuous improvement
  • Measures how you perform against global, country and industry-specific benchmarks

Intertek is also a Social Accountability 8000 certification body, accredited by Social Accountability International in 1999, and was the first external monitor to receive accreditation to the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Certification Program (WRAP). Intertek has also been accredited in multiple countries by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) program,  and the amfori  Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Monitoring System. We are continually seeking accreditation under new and emerging industry standards across industries and around the globe.

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