Improving social performance in global supply chains

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is now amfori BSCI.

The amfori BSCI is based on the labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other important international regulations like the UN Charta for Human Rights, as well as on national regulations. This initiative aims at continuously improving the social performance of suppliers, ultimately enhancing working conditions in factories worldwide.

The amfori BSCI monitoring system:

  • Provides standardized management tools for all companies in all countries
  • Supplies a database: information pool to optimize coordination of the process
  • Is open to retailers, importers, and manufacturers
  • Involves all stakeholders in Europe and supplier countries
  • Report valid for two years.

Intertek is an approved service provider for the amfori BSCI system. Intertek has trained auditors in more than 100 countries prepared to support your amfori BSCI monitoring needs no matter where your suppliers are located.

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