Comprehensive Plastic and polymer building materials Testing and Analysis

Building product materials benefit from polymer and plastic materials testing to confirm quality and durability. Polymer and Plastic building products material testing is provided by a network of Intertek laboratories, which perform material testing to building products industry standards and in support of research and development, quality control, failure analysis and material qualification programs.
Polymeric building materials tested range from PVC siding, to foams, to structural adhesives and other products. Building products composite performance testing includes mechanical, physical, electrical, analytical, thermal, optical, rheological, flammability, microscopy and weathering evaluations for Sandwich Core Materials, Polymer Matrix Composites, Fiber Reinforced Composites, Composite Laminates, Honeycomb Core Materials, Carbon Fiber Composites and Graphite Fiber Composites.

Polymer and Plastics Building Material Testing:

Polymer Materials Testing:

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