Extend your global footprint with our local IECEx Certification expertise

Access international markets and speed up your turnaround time with the IECEx equipment certification scheme. Equipment certification is achieved by meeting international requirements including IEC standards prepared by technical committee 31 (IEC 60079 and IEC 61241 series of standards) and results in an IECEx certification mark indicating a product can be sold for use in Hazardous Locations. Click on the button below to download our detailed Guide to Non-Electrical Equipment Certification Requirements in Hazardous Locations:

IECEx IEC/TS 60079-46 Standard Update
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IECEx Non-Electrical: Regulatory Guide to Non-Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations
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The certification scheme’s primary objectives in addition to cutting certification costs and speeding turnaround time, include building and maintaining international confidence in the product assessment process.

Benefits of the IECEx certification include access to over 30 member countries who accept IEC standards (national deviations may be required). Your IEC certification can be used to obtain national certification marks including:

  • INMETRO for Brazil
  • CCC for China
  • GOST-R for Russia
  • GOST-K for Kazakhstan
  • And many more.
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