Oilfield Microbial Testing

Oilfield microbial testing can help to identify potential oil and gas infrastructure problems and allow for better-informed materials selection.

Failure to conduct oilfield microbial testing, leaving microbial activity unchecked in the industrial environment, can present a wide range of problems for oil and gas organisations.

Microorganisms threaten the integrity of infrastructure through reservoir souring, microbiologically influenced corrosion, the release of toxic hydrogen sulphide gas, water quality deterioration and biomass blockages.

Additionally, neglecting to perform oilfield microbial testing can pose a health risk to oil and gas personnel, especially in offshore environments where the use of potable water is essential.

Offering you effective and reliable oilfield microbial testing services, our qualified technicians conduct on-site sampling for platforms, drilling rigs, oil and gas storage terminals, refineries and supply and support vessels.

Sample testing is one of our specialist capabilities and can incorporate sessile bacteria, yeast and mould, planktonic bacteria, extremophiles and biofilms. These can be taken from systems for water injection, production diesel distribution, utilities and cooling and heating.

Total viable counts and hydrocarbon content testing are among our capabilities, as well as examining potable water for the presence of legionella, E.coli, coliforms, Enterococci and pseudomonas.

We test samples utilising both traditional and more advanced molecular methods. The latter have been developed and are available as standard due to expansion of our molecular microbiology laboratory. 

The majority of tests we undertake are regulated by legislation, industry standards or official guidelines. We also supply portable microbiology media test kits to companies worldwide through a mail order service from either the UK or US.

Decades of Total Quality Assurance experience and lasting partnerships with both national and international oil and gas organisations have enabled us to build a reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality oilfield microbial testing solutions.


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