Polyfilm Wrapping Quality Case Study

As a United States Postal Service approved laboratory for polywrap film testing, Intertek helps keep automatic sorter operations running efficiently

The United States Postal Service (USPS) depends upon automatic sorting of letters and packaging to move the large amount of mail it receives on a daily basis. To protect this investment and reduce time-consuming incidents of packaging failure, the USPS requires that polywrap films be tested before being approved for automated sorting operations.

Manufacturers of polywrap film must to meet Requirements 3.1.1 through 3.1.8 for US Postal Service polywrap testing to USPS-T-3204. The specification covers the procedures to be employed to test polywrap film used to enclose flat mail pieces destined for automated sorting operations.

The Intertek Pittsfield laboratory is an Approved Laboratory for US Postal Service Testing of Polywrap Film to USPS-T-3204. This capability allows the lab to test poly-film producers' products to determine if they meet quality standards, helping ensure that high quality wrapping materials are used for parcels handled by the USPS.

Failure to meet any of the USPS-T-3204 requirements will result in the subject material being designated as unacceptable for automated processing, so as such, film and flexible packaging materials characterization expertise is essential.

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