Packaging Consulting and Compliance expertise

Intertek packaging consultancy team provides worldwide services to the packaging and allied industries, including strategic, regulatory and environmental compliance consulting as well as world leading packaging, analytical and distribution testing. Our global network of experts help customers in highly regulated industries to achieve compliance, efficiency and sustainable business success.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a comprehensive range of services based on our extensive practical knowledge of how packaging is designed, manufactured, tested, regulated, used, distributed and disposed of.
  • We provide regulatory, environmental, safety, testing and educational services to the packaging industry.
  • An expert range of material testing and consulting services, including material characterisation / selection, performance testing, corrosion / compatibility testing and failure analysis.
  • We specialise in analytical and compliance testing of packaging materials.
  • We evaluate labels for their adhesiveness, durability, security and counterfeiting potential.
  •  Strategic consultancy covering strategic analysis, choice and implementation
  •  Specialist knowledge and experience of the print and packaging sectors
  •  Business planning tools and technology mapping techniques
  • Innovation and technical services encompassing technology scouting, ideation, conceptualisation, critical analysis of concepts, cost analysis, specification, model creation through to launch
  •  Knowledge services including primary and secondary market intelligence research, publications, conferences, training and membership packages

  •  Food packaging compliance and auditing
  •  Notification of new food contact substances to regulatory authorities
  •  Toxicology and risk assessment 
  •  Occupational hygiene

  •  Analytical method development, validation and optimization for chemicals
  •  Migration studies for food contact applications
  •  Extractables and leachables studies for medical applications
  •  Material characterisation and selection procedures
  •  Identification and quantification of impurities e.g. trace contaminants, residual solvents and transformation or degradation products
  •  Chemical structure elucidation and characterisation of complex formulations

  •  Life cycle analysis, material and energy flow analysis
  •  Sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  •  Sustainable Packaging Solutions
  •  Packaging minimization, recycling and eco-labelling
  •  New product development and eco design processes
  •  Management systems (ISO, OSHAS, EMAS)
  •  Cost benefit analysis and eco-efficiency

  • Performance testing - the physical properties of plastics, paper and paperboard and how these affect packaging conversion processes and end uses
  • Corrosion and compatibility testing
  • Barrier properties - gases, moisture and sterility
  • Seal strengths, bond strengths and the effectiveness of adhesives
  • Impact of anti-microbial agents
  • Effect of climatic conditions - temperature, humidity and accelerated daylight exposure
  • Accelerated shelf life testing
  • Adhesion, durability and security of printing and labels

Intertek problem-solving experts have an extensive track record of working with packaging manufacturers, their customers and suppliers on issues related to primary pack performance. We offer a problem identification and solution service based on a combination of laboratory and on-site production line studies to resolve issues quickly and cost-effectively.

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