Expert safety and risk assessment of packaging materials.

Intertek provides essential safety and risk assessments of packaging materials and products by helping quantify, manage and leverage risk as you move your packaging materials through the value chain. Assessing the potential risks of your packaging products, and knowing how to manage them, is easier and more efficient than you might think. Intertek's expertise helps strengthen a client's business performance and enhance brand value, thereby creating an essential competitive advantage. 

Packaging risk assessment management:

  • Assure safe package product design in the earliest stages of the business process.
  • Process management: developing, supporting and maintaining a safety process.
  • Development of a company’s safety policy and quality management systems.
  • Exploration and intelligence gathering to expand knowledge, and create new solutions.
  • Review of packaging designs and materials for potential risk of physical harm to consumers.
  • Use of virtual and physical tools to quantify packaging hazards, including choking, burns, etc.
  • Assessment methods to predict consumer behavior with your packaging products.
  • Analysis of injury and fatality databases to provide new levels of safety insight.
  • Supplier and crisis management solutions to help quickly identify and resolve incidents.
  • Global regulatory support to help identify legal requirements related to your package products.
  • Determination of the social accountability requirements of each country, industry, and facility.
  • And additional packaging risk assessment services.
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