Household Appliances Testing Services

Intertek can verify the safety, quality and overall value of Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics, helping to distinguish your product to retailers

Like all home appliance manufacturers, you face tough challenges. You have to comply with varying, complex requirements, market by market. You face smart, aggressive, global competitors.

To stand apart, you have be certain your product offers compelling advantages. Partner with Intertek as your SINGLE source agency and receive customized service to meet all your product needs quickly and efficiently.

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Product Services

Indoor Appliances
Intertek is a complete testing solution partner for virtually any Appliance.
IEC 60335-1 Testing Solutions
Comprehensive testing and certification solutions for IEC 60335-1, helping you navigate the most recent editions and requirements.
Power Tools & Outdoor Power Equipment
Intertek is your solution for safety and retailer performance testing protocols.

Regulatory Services

Safety Testing
Ensuring your product is safe is of the utmost importance. Intertek provides appliance and consumer electronics manufacturers with electrical, gas and sanitation testing and certification
EMC Testing
EMC testing for appliances and consumer electronics for any market you wish to enter around the globe
NSF 456 - Vaccine Storage Testing
We test to NSF 456, and certify qualifying equipment under our proprietary ETL Sanitation Mark
EE/Eco Design
We offer Eco Design solutions helping you be environmentally conscious at all stages of the product development process
Chemical Testing
We offer comprehensive solutions for compliance with restricted substance laws, regulations, and requirements
CB Scheme
Intertek helps clients comply with the CB Scheme, simplifying the process of meeting the requirements for marketing products in more than 40 countries
Acoustical Testing
Meet third-party acoustical and airflow performance requirements defined by specifiers, buyers, and regulatory authorities

Enhanced Services

Usability Testing
Determine the product’s overall ease of use and how well your product will be accepted by the end user
Product Cybersecurity
We simplify and streamline your product's cybersecurity certifications. From common criteria, FIPS 140, IEC 62443, ANSI/UL 2900 and more
Connected Devices
From process introduction to product acceptance, our industry leading experts can guide you every step of the way of IoT device certification
Germicidal Products Solutions
Verifying germicidal devices for efficacy, performance, and compliance with safety guidelines in the intended environment
Virology Efficacy Testing
assisting manufactures with test data for performance verification, efficacy claims, and market entry
Global Market Access
We streamline and manage the entire product certification process from start to finish, saving you the headaches of global certification
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) Testing
On a voluntary basis, manufacturers certify the performance characteristics of each product, and AHAM verifies these attributes through testing at a third party independent laboratory

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