Helping the natural health and dietary supplement product industry navigate complex global scientific and regulatory requirements.

Regulations for natural health and dietary supplement products vary across global markets. Some jurisdictions regulate these products like food, while others consider them closer to drugs. These differences can pose significant challenges to how companies market their natural health and dietary supplements, including requiring potentially costly modifications to remain in regulatory compliance.

Intertek’s multi-disciplinary team of experts have unparalleled experience with the intricacies of marketing natural health and dietary supplement products worldwide. We can help develop a successful global strategy to maximize research and development, prepare successful pre-market submissions, work as a liaison with global regulatory agencies, and much more.

Whether you are currently marketing a product and looking to expand globally, or still developing a product for a given market, Intertek can help overcome challenges along the way.

Our Services Include:

  • Monitoring the evolving international regulatory landscape;
  • Preparing regulatory strategies to market natural health and dietary supplement products internationally;
  • Conducting feasibility assessments to determine the sufficiency of scientific data to support the product;
  • Providing product development support to meet regulatory requirements for quality, safety, and efficacy;
  • Providing guidance on the claim language used in labeling and/or advertising;
  • Assisting in the design, placement, monitoring, and management of clinical trials for health claim substantiation;
  • Compiling technical and scientific submissions to regulatory authorities;
  • Stewarding pre-market submissions to regulatory agencies; and
  • Administering programs to meet post-market requirements, including adverse event reporting, regulatory monitoring, and surveillance programs.

Intertek Supports The Following Jurisdictions:

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United States

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United Kingdom

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Australia / New Zealand

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South Korea

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Other Key Markets (Taiwan, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore)

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