The Safe Quality Food (SQF) standard is unique. It links every stage of your supply chain to offer certification from farm to fork.

The SQF standard provides certification for all sectors of the food industry, from primary production and manufacturing, to distribution, packaging and wholesale. SQF is recognised by retailers and food service providers worldwide, and certification is fully approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). SQF is the only GFSI recognised programme to offer certification from farm to fork.

The Safe Quality Food programme also offers competitive advantages. As a globally recognised standard, certification will enhance your brand image and build retailer and consumer confidence. Plus, by identifying and managing risks the programme helps avoid incidents that could damage your brand in the future.

The three-level programme is designed to be accessible to enterprises of all sizes:

  • Food Safety Fundamentals is suitable for low risk products.

  • Food Safety Manufacturing, Packaging Materials, Storage and Distribution is a HACCP and ISO based food safety plan.

  • Food Quality incorporates level two into a more comprehensive food safety and quality management programme. In addition, level three allows you to display the SQF Quality Shield logo on certified products, showing retailers and consumers proof of your commitment to safe, quality food.

With Safe Quality Food certification you won’t have to deal with the cost and inefficiency of multiple audits. The SQF programme is designed to be efficient and transparent. A new online reporting system, Reliance, helps you keep up to date audit progress and manage your ongoing SQF certification programme.

As an experienced food certification body, we offer you more than a certificate. We have the expertise, experience and global presence to support and guide you through the entire process, helping you to meet the challenges and maximise the benefits of SQF certification.

Intertek does not provide consulting services for the safe quality food program - SQF. Any consulting activities provided by Intertek are separate and independent from certification activities.

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