The people within your food organisation are critical to its success, therefore by assessing your food safety culture you can make improvements to your business that help to protect your brand, products and the consumer.

The BRCGS Food Safety Culture Module is an assessment that helps food businesses to evaluate their food safety culture; highlighting any areas for development and acting as a measurement of success which can be used over time as the food safety culture evolves.

Developed with industry leaders in the field of food safety, management, education and organisational culture, the Food Safety Culture Excellence assessment captures, measures and categorises cultural data, providing One Score across Four Categories and 20 Dimensions. 

Some of the key benefits the BRCGS Food Safety Culture Module can bring to your organisation include:

  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses in your food safety capability
  • Providing a benchmarking tool for multi-site businesses
  • Complementing the existing audit programme with a behaviour-based approach
  • Providing insight into staff attitude, opinion and behaviour
  • Strengthening your reputation with a proactive approach to food safety culture

BRCGS has designed a range of options for the Food Safety Culture Excellence assessment. So no matter the size of your operation, you can support assurance and improve your food safety culture.

Intertek is an accredited certification body, authorised to carry out food safety audits to BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety, Packaging and Packaging Materials, Consumer Products, Agents & Brokers and Storage and Distribution.

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