However complex, we have the expertise, experience and global presence to help you manage your supply chain from source to supermarket.

For complete Supply Chain Management (SCM) to be effective it requires the buy-in of every operator involved, from production and packaging, to transport, storage and distribution. However, these services are likely to be run by different operators governed by individual contracts and could be located all over the world. 

As your global supply chain management partner we can supervise the entire operation, securing product safety and quality and implementing full traceability. We recommend managing the whole supply chain as the most effective form of food supply chain management, but we can also manage specific segments, or areas identified as being particularly at risk. 

We have a global network of experts ready to provide the full range of services needed for a complete supply chain management system. Our food safety and quality services are supported by state-of-the-art testing facilities. As a trusted third-party inspector we provide independent supervision, sampling and inspection services for traders and buyers all over the world. We also provide specialist Commodity Risk Management services, such as Full Outturn Guarantee FOG and Stock Monitoring. All of our services are centrally coordinated to provide you with seamless support and complete oversight of your supply chain.


By tracing products from their origins and monitoring safety and quality at every stage of the supply chain you can guarantee your customers get the best quality. Implementing supply chain management can protect you from the fallout of food safety incidents or lapses in quality, and help you identify and rectify problems before they reach your customers.

Choosing us as your supply chain management partner gives you access to a global network of qualified professionals, supported by over 1,000 laboratories and offices in over 100 countries worldwide. We have the expertise, the facilities and the worldwide presence to organise and implement supply chain management for even the most complex international supply chains.

Intertek is a global operator with a reputation for delivering quality and value. Our supervision, sampling and inspection services are widely used by major retailers to protect their interests worldwide.


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