Benefits of Being an IQP

Differentiating yourself has its benefits

As an Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQPs), you have already differentiated yourself amongst your peers with regards to your knowledge and qualifications, but benefits do not stop there. IQPs also benefit from the Intertek brand, recognition from AHJs, the growing IQP network, marketing support, and verification of your work through auditing.

Benefits of being an IQP

Branding – Being tied to Intertek, a leading domestic and international assurance, testing, inspection, and certification, brings instant recognition and credibility to IQPs credentials and inspections. Building owners, facility managers, contractors, and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) recognize Intertek and the quality that the name brings to a project.

Acceptance – Intertek regularly works with AHJs and facility managers promoting the concept of the IQP Program to allow for recognition and preference of IQP inspectors and installers. Additionally, the growing number of IQP programs and participants increases the recognition and acceptance of IQPs across the country.

Network –The IQP Program serves as an umbrella for a growing variety of different programs. As the number of programs grows, so does the network of IQPs. This expanding network of IQPs builds program recognition and will drives demand and references for jobs.

Marketing – Intertek participates in a variety of industry and association events and tradeshows regularly promoting the IQP Program on a national level. Additionally, Intertek works to enable individual IQPs to market themselves in their respective local markets where IQPs have the most influence.

Auditing – A key differentiating factor for IQPs is the third party auditing the IQP Program’s inspectors receive. This oversight helps ensure proper inspection and reassures AHJs of the inspection’s quality.

The growing number of IQP programs and participants will only add to the total benefits IQPs experience. Interested in becoming an IQP? Click here to get in contact with our team.


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