Frequently Asked Questions about our WH ETL Mark

Will the mark be accepted by AHJs?

Yes.  Currently, both the WH and ETL marks are widely accepted amongst AHJs throughout North America and combining them both into one mark will only enhance their already strong brands.  Through the years, both marks have seen changes to their designs and rarely has this caused acceptance issues.  The new mark is just the next iteration of WH and will continue to be highly recognizable by the AHJs.

What if I have acceptance issues?

Although there is little concern about acceptance issues, Intertek is actively taking steps to ensure acceptance amongst AHJs.  If you should encounter a question about the mark, you can direct the AHJ to or call 1.888.347.5478 for more information.  Additionally, Intertek will be actively working with and reaching out to the AHJ community to help educate them about the new mark.

Does this mean the WH mark is going away?

The WH Mark is one of the building product industry’s leading marks and has been for over a century.  The new mark is not the elimination of the WH Mark, but just the next iteration.  Combining the WH Mark with the ETL Mark is another way to strengthen both brands and allows the new mark to evolve along with the industries it serves.

What about my current labels?

Effective immediately, manufacturers will be authorized to label their products with the updated certification marks, and they will have a period of five years to transition to the new mark design on all products, packaging, literature and websites ending January 1, 2018. Products currently on the market will not require immediate re-labelling for these marks.

Is this going to cost more?

No.  Combining the two marks into one strengthens the applicability of the mark but will not come at an extra cost to the customer.

What is the timeframe for the transition?

The new WH-ETL Mark will be used immediately on products newly certified with Intertek that would have previously only received the WH Mark.  Products that are already authorized to bear the WH Mark will begin receiving labels containing the new WH-ETL Mark once a customer’s current label supply runs out or before January 1, 2018 (please see question above).

Is this replacing the ETL Mark?

No.  The new WH-ETL mark is the next evolution of the WH mark and will be issued for all new fire-safety certifications.  Additionally, for those products that fall between multiple markets, such as electrified door hardware, the new mark will also be given consideration for use.

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