Production Chemistry

Production chemistry services are vital for profitable oil and gas extraction and their application is necessary across the whole project life cycle.

Sourcing independent production chemistry services is crucial to the unimpeded operation of oil and gas projects.

The production of increasingly complex fluid chemistries represents growing challenges for organisations and the demands associated with operating aged assets require innovative and forward-thinking approaches. 

Microbial contamination and reservoir souring are significant and persistent threats to equipment and infrastructure and can have major consequences in terms of materials degradation. 

The formation of scale, wax, hydrates and other deposits have the potential to cause equipment downtime and reduce production, resulting in unnecessary expense and disruption for your organisation.

Providing valued production chemistry support to oil and gas clients around the globe, we are positioned to deliver Total Quality Assurance solutions right across your project’s life cycle.

We have built an outstanding reputation for solving problems associated with produced water processing, reservoir souring, pre-commissioning corrosion procedures, microbial corrosion, emulsion, scale, wax and hydrate issues. 

Our services include site audits, laboratory analysis, evaluation of chemical treatments and bespoke advice tailored specifically to the requirements of your systems. Applying both innovative and established methods and utilising our cutting-edge technology and laboratories, we can tailor solutions to meet the needs of your organisation. 

Engaging our industry-leading consultancy and testing services will assist your organisation in tackling a full range of production chemistry challenges. 

Working alongside us will give you the confidence that world-class experts, informed by decades of practical experience, are contributing to the optimisation of your business.

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