Corrosion Testing

Corrosion testing is fundamental to understanding how materials perform under simulated service conditions and can help to ensure that they will reach their projected design life.

Corrosion testing is sought across a range of industries for a variety of applications. These range from pre-emptive measures such as input into front end engineering design processes, to responding to changes in service environments, requirements for cost and efficiency savings or to qualify and select materials and chemicals for service. 

Sourcing a corrosion testing provider with the right capabilities, equipment, experience, a strong reputation and a focus on health and safety best-practice can be a challenge.

A well-designed materials selection and corrosion testing programme is key to ascertaining the suitability of materials for their intended service environments. 

Corrosion can result in irreversible damage to materials, equipment, assets and pipelines. These losses are not only expensive to rectify in monetary terms, but subsequent equipment failure could result in production downtime, health and safety risks and reputational damage.

Corrosion Testing Solutions

With one of the largest materials and corrosion testing facilities in the world, our reputation as a leading corrosion and materials consultancy business is unsurpassed.

Our corrosion testing services can be applied across all industries and span from short-term routine testing with fast turnaround to longer-term bespoke projects. 

We have the expertise and facilities to design and build test rigs to simulate challenging production environments and evaluate how materials perform within them.

Our equipment includes corrosion-resistant, high-pressure vessels, dynamic autoclaves and flow loops. The range of analysis techniques we use includes advanced electrochemical monitoring, 3D laser profilometry and scanning electron microscopy.

With our multi-discipline team, we can design unique solutions to solve problems related to complex or extreme corrosive environments. 

In addition to bespoke corrosion testing, we can conduct tests to a wide range of industry standards including TM0177, TM0198 and TM0284 from our UKAS-accredited facilities. 

We offer testing to classify corrosivity of products to UN recommendations – Transport of Dangerous Goods, UN C1 corrosion to metals method, SECTION 37 CLASSIFICATION PROCEDURES TEST METHODS AND CRITERIA RELATING TO SUBSTANCES OF CLASS 8, CLP regulations, BPR submissions (Biocidal Products Register).

Engaging our corrosion testing services provides the Total Quality Assurance you need that world-class teams are working to safeguard your people and processes and further your business in a competitive marketplace.

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