Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA)

Assure specifiers and users that your steel framing studs and connector products meet code requirements

Provide your customers with confidence that your cold-formed steel framing and connectors comply to International Building Code and other Steel Framing Industry Association Program requirements. Participation in the SFIA Stud Code Compliance Certification Program for Cold-Formed Steel Framing and the SFIA Connector Code Compliance Certification Program for Cold-Formed Steel Construction Connectors will do just that.

Accredited as an independent inspection agency according to ISO 17020 and an independent testing laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025, we can assist you in all aspects necessary to differentiate your products from the competition. In addition to initial code compliance testing, the program requires verification of continued compliance to SFIA program requirements through unannounced manufacturing facility inspections and independent random sampling and testing.

Stud Code Compliance Certification Program
Confirm the quality of structural, nonstructural, and proprietary nonstructural cold-formed steel stud and track products including mechanical properties, coatings, dimensions, and labels.

Click here for a complete list of certified manufacturing facilities.

Connector Code Compliance Certification Program
Verify your products comply with program requirements for materials used to produce your connectors, protection against corrosion, manufacturing tolerances, and marking requirements.

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