Intertek offers safety testing services to ensure your products meet EU toy safety chemical requirements under European standard EN 71-3:2019 and other related toy safety chemical legislation

As an EU Notified Body, Intertek can guide you through what you need to do to comply with the EU Toy Safety Directive’s EN 71-3:2019, highlight the highest areas of risk and pinpoint which chemicals and toxic elements are likely to be found in your products.

Intertek currently offers EN 71-3 testing at our accredited labs in the UK, France and Hong Kong, while the accreditation approval process is underway at labs in China, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Our tailored solution includes:

  • EN71-3 Total Migratable Screening – this is a preliminary screening that looks at the total migration of all the families of heavy metals listed. The result is a detailed report that can be used to demonstrate compliance. Approximately 90% of all sample submissions should require only this step for compliance.
  • EN 71-3 Risk Assessment – this service can be used either as an initial product risk assessment prior to screening, or as a follow-up method if the initial screening reveals the potential for non-compliance. Using historical data, our technical team assesses the likely presence of each of the individual heavy metals.
  • Qualification Testing – this is a follow-up assessment for the approximately 5% of products that do not meet standards in the preliminary screening.

In addition, Intertek assists with Due Diligence processes, Bill of Materials formats and Technical File Management to ensure that as chemical restrictions evolve, your products continue to meet compliance standards without additional cost or increased exposure to risks.

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