16 Jul 2013

Intertek is working with manufacturers to help them mitigate the risks created by the migration of harmful chemicals in toys and their ingestion.

Intertek a leading provider of quality and safety solutions to industries around the world is now accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for their laboratory in Leicester UK, to perform testing to the new EN 71-3:2013 Standard.

The EN 71-3 Standard governing the levels of material migration in toys has changed in response to the revised Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) and its chemical migration rules that come into force on the 20th July 2013. The revised standard reflects the new limits specified in the Directive for a range of metals such as aluminium, copper, manganese, boron, strontium, cobalt, and tin, in addition to the metals specified in the previous version of the Standard. It also gives manufacturers testing and non-testing methods of product assessment.

As one of the first to achieve this accreditation, Intertek is proud to safeguard its clients and minimise their liability risks by ensuring product compliance with evolving legislation. This additional accreditation further enhances the capabilities of Intertek's network of global of laboratories which validates thousands of different products worldwide, every year.

A senior technical expert in Toys at Leicester, Robert Hinchcliffe commented, "No one wants to take risks with children and so validating the material migration levels in toys is about safeguarding them from harm. By using an accredited laboratory such as Intertek, toy manufacturers will get a robust set of material migration data results that will give them peace of mind that their product complies."

To find out more, please download our brand new guidance document 'Understanding EN 71 -3 chemical migration limits in toys and childcare items'  from https://www.intertek.com/understanding-en-71-3-new-chemical-migration/

Intertek's customers include some of the world's leading brands, major global and local companies and governments, and they are a leading player in the toy, games, and premium testing industry. With a global staff of expert materials chemists, Intertek helps to safeguard its clients and minimise their liability risks by ensuring product compliance with evolving legislation. For more information on specific testing and certification for your product or to see how we can help you, please mail consumergoods.uk@intertek.com or phone +44 (0)116 263 0330.

For further information, please contact

Robert Hinchcliffe, Assistant Business Development Manager
Telephone: +44 (116) 263 9610

Donna Paterson, Marketing Executive
Telephone: +44 (1) 16 263 0330

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