Archery Equipment Services

With needs to be swift and smooth, as well as focused and strong, quality archery equipment requires superior performance attributes in order to be successful in the field. Additionally, archery equipment is often used in a variety of environments and venues, and must be consistently reliable and well-honed in its design, implementation, and performance in order to perform optimally no matter the conditions.

At Intertek, our experts assess the quality and performance of an array of archery products—including crossbows and compound bows, arrowheads and broadheads (fixed and mechanical), field points, targets, releases, arm guards, and more. Various targets and testing techniques are used, such as shooting arrowheads and broadheads into large ballistic gel forms to gauge penetration, and utilizing redundant chronographs to measure the kinetic energy and speed of arrows leaving the bow.


  • Archery equipment performance testing
  • Archery equipment quality testing and inspection
  • Archery equipment design
  • Archery equipment implementation

Other testing measures accuracy, durability, and quality of Archery products, and protocols and tests can be customized and created for specific manufacturer and retailer needs.

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