Gain a competitive edge in the furniture market by demonstrating commitment to the environment, quality, performance, and product claims with BIFMA e3 LEVEL® testing and certification.

Most buyers demand that goods be manufactured to meet requirements for quality. Today, many are also insisting that manufacturing processes are Safe, Clean and Environmentally friendly (“Sustainable”). Intertek is a global leader in sustainability services and certifications. We offer environmental testing, inspection and certification in nearly all industries and countries around the globe.

Increasing our level of commitment to the environment, Intertek provides commercial furniture manufacturers certification to the BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainable Standard for LEVEL certification. This certification is a multi-attributed, multi-faceted approach to sustainable manufacturing for the furniture industry. Based on the BIFMA e3-Furniture Sustainability Standard, LEVEL is a third-party certification program that provides manufacturers with valuable feedback for evaluating the environmental, human, and social impacts of their furniture products for manufacturing, facility, and organization. For more information or to comment on the standard, visit

Under the LEVEL certification program, Intertek will evaluate products and processes based on four performance criteria:

  • Materials
  • Use of Energy
  • Atmosphere and Ecosystem Health
  • Social Responsibility

Similar to the U.S. Green Building Councils LEED program, LEVEL certification requires specific prerequisites for compliance and a minimum number of points based upon the certification LEVEL attempting. For points to obtain LEVEL one, two or three certification, manufacturers may chose from those credits they want to attempt. The independent third-party certification from Intertek can demonstrate LEVEL certification, with compliance to the BIFMA e3 standard and allow manufacturers to achieve the LEVEL® mark.

Participation in the LEVEL® certification program provides a pathway for furniture manufacturer to achieve greater sustainability attributes, not only for individual products, but throughout the entire supply chain. Manufacturers who receive the LEVEL® certification mark are verifying that their policies and guidelines of the facility, furniture products and processes, and suppliers of materials and components are meeting the stringent requirements for LEVEL certification by BIFMA e3 standard conformance.

Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market

  • Increase your product acceptance by promoting your level of commitment to the environment.
  • Certification provides independent verification of quality, performance and product claims.
  • Validate and support the credibility of your sustainable claims with third-party certification.

The BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard for business and institutional furniture manufacturers is the first fully transparent, multi-attribute sustainability standard addressing material utilization, energy and atmosphere impacts, as well as human and ecosystem health and social responsibility matters.

Manufacturers evaluating products to the BIFMA e3 sustainability standard and undergoing an independent, third-party certification process can achieve the LEVEL® certification mark.

It gives manufacturers a methodology to present the environmental characteristics of their products in a clear, easily understood manner and allows customers to make informed choices about commercial furniture that exceed single environmental attribute certifications.

The standard has been developed by working with stakeholders and experts from inside and outside the industry. Using the ANSI process, over 125 participants contributed to committees and sub-committees to develop the BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard.

Find your LEVEL® certificate on Intertek's Sustainability Certification Directory.

For more information or to comment on the standard, visit


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