Environmental audits are vital to the future of your organisation. Intertek’s Green Services help you stay competitive today, and remain so tomorrow.

Customers, communities, and governments around the world are actively expressing concern on climate change and environmental degradation. Consequently, organisations such as yours are under pressure to reduce any harmful effects on the environment. Environmental auditing and certification services will provide you with third-party verification of your organisation's green initiatives and improvements. Our experienced environmental auditors will help you work to lower energy and raw materials use, reduce waste and pollution, and mitigate risks of accidents and emergency situations. Your business will not only be greener, it will also be more efficient and productive.

Benefits of an environmental audit:

  • Protect the environment and natural resources that are vital to your organisation
  • Stay compliant with the current environmental and energy laws
  • Address current or potential future problems that may arise
  • Identify potential cost savings from waste minimization and other activities
  • Show your commitment to environmental protection to your customers

Intertek’s environmental auditing and certification services include:

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