The practice of refurbishing, de-manufacturing, recycling, and reusing electronics brings with it possible health and environmental risks. R2 ensures best practices for these issues.

Over the past decades the growth of consumer electronics has inspired an unsuspected industry: electronic recycling, or e-scrap, which processes discarded electrical or electronic devices, and the waste of OEMs. The goal of the Responsible Recycling (R2) standard is to create a voluntary, market-based mechanism for ensuring best practices. It also provides essential information/assurance to prospective customers. The standard builds on an ISO style Plan-Do-Check-Act management system as a platform, and integrates environmental, health and safety management, media sanitisation, export and disposal restrictions, chain of custody accountability, and transportation controls.

The R2 Standard has been designed to serve recyclers, which includes but is not limited to electronics resellers, refurbishers, recyclers, de-manufacturers, asset recoverers, brokers, as well as leasing companies that engage in these activities. It provides a mechanism for managing and communicating commitment for leadership in operations, safety and environmental performance, accountability for e-waste to final disposition, and data security.

Benefits of R2v3 certification to your organization and your customers:

  • Reduce environmental impacts through a commitment to improve performance and reducing the impact on developing countries
  • Improve worker health and safety through robust practices
  • Drive competitor advantage by providing confidence to your customers that you can consistently meet their expectations in maintaining data security
  • Protect the recycling chain through vetting and oversight

Partnering with Intertek

Intertek’s global network of customer-focused auditors and technical experts are uniquely qualified to help you meet the increasingly competitive market challenges and regulatory requirements for compliance. Partner with us and gain the confidence of knowing that you have solid, effective environmental, health and safety processes in place.

Additional Information on R2v3 Certification

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