ZERO DEFECT ZERO EFFECT Rating Assessment Scheme (ZED)

The ZED Rating Assessment Model drives quality and environmental improvements throughout an MSME's organisation.

The ZED Maturity Assessment Model has been designed to benchmark levels of an organisation's performance through a set of standard enabler and outcome parameters focusing on quality and environmental performance. The Model aims to rate and support Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to deliver top-quality products using clean technology by providing them adequate training and funding to move up the value chain and produce quality products. The ZED model will sensitise MSMEs to emphasise delivery of high-quality products with zero defects.

The ZED Maturity Assessment Model is comprised of 50 parameters on which the MSMEs will be assessed and rated on a 5 level scale. The organisation is required to comply with 20 essential parameters and at least 10 other parameters (as per the MSMEs domain competency, i.e. sector of operation and type of industry). MSMEs may seek ZED rating on more than 30 parameters as per the processes and systems available within the organisation. Each parameter has 5 levels, the rating is based on a weighted average of the parameters assessed.

Intertek has been approved by QCI to carry out ZED Rating assessment Scheme throughout India.

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