GB Textile Testing

Intertek provides GB testing services for textile products sold in China, such as adult and children’s apparel, fashion accessories and home textiles, to ensure these products comply with China requirements.

In 2003, the national general safety technical code for textile products was released, which requires manufacturers and distributors to comply with the relevant standards and rules, and all the textiles and apparels should assure safety.

Intertek China Domestic Market Services provides consultation, testing, training and other services related to national standards on textiles and garments, helping you to succeed in the China market!

GB 18401-2003 National general safety technical code for textile productsformaldehyde content,
pH value colour fastness to (water, perspiration, rubbing, saliva), azo dyestuff, off-flavor
A: napkin, underwear, pinny, sleepingwear, gloves, socks, overclothes, cap,beddings
B: bras, bellyband, vest, shorts, shirt, (summer) skirt / pants, bed sheet, category: sweater, overclothes, pants, skirt, curtain, bed cover, wall cloth,stuffing, liner fiber
GB 5296.4 Instructions for useof products of consumerinterest--Instructions for use oftextiles and apparellabel and instruction of useall textile products and clothes
FZ/T 81014 Infants wearcolour fastness
formaldehyde content
pH value
azo free
extra ctable heavy metal
clothes for children under 24 months and the components and parts attached forconnection, decoration and instruction
GB/T 18885 Technicalspecification for ecologicaltextilespH value
formaldehyde content
extra ctable heavy metal
chlorinated phenols
toxic dyestuff
eco-textiles including infant products,products having direct or non-direct contactwith skin, and decoration materials

Our global network includes 26 accredited laboratories in 24 countries and regions to support your needs on testing textile products to ensure your products comply with China requirements. In addition to GB textile testing, Intertek provides supplemental services, including preparation of label templates, translation of labels into Chinese to meet GB standards, on-site technical support such as product and label review, training and others as needed to assist you to successfully export textile and accessories to China.

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