Detection, testing, and measurement of fuel degradation caused by bacteria contamination.

Intertek Capcis

Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria thrive in fuel tanks when given the right conditions. Undetected and untreated bacterial growth in fuel systems often leads to fuel quality degradation and fuel system corrosion. Bacteria and fungal problems affect fuel and fuel-systems for diesel, biofuels, jet fuel, and other fuels. Intertek offers fuel condition monitoring services to help clients protect their fuel inventories and fuel-systems from microbes. 

Removal and prevention of bacterial growth in fuel tanks and systems often requires the removal of water from the tank, filtration and/or treatment of the tank with biocide additives. Intertek has researched the visual evidence of damaging bacteria growth in fuel tanks. The findings originate from a client fuel condition monitoring program. 

Intertek provides a range of microbiological testing services and kits to help clients determine the nature of any microbial "bug" infestation of fuel, helping determine what course of action to take.

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