Intertek is a leader in fuel system testing services, offering mini-SHED and micro-SHED permeation technology

Intertek SHED capabilities evaluate fuel components, including valves, hoses, tubing, connectors, fittings, sending units, caps, plugs, tanks, and filler necks. SHED testing complements fuel system mechanical durability tests, fuel filling station, environmental chambers, leak detection equipment, salt spray chambers, mechanical property instruments, and various testing protocols.

Vehicle Fuel System Testing Services:

  • Fuel System Soak Facilities
  • Fuel System Vibration Testing
  • Evaporative Emission (SHED) Permeation Testing
  • Corrosion Salt Fog Testing for Engine Oils
  • Pressure and Vacuum (P/V) Testing
  • Fuel Hose Permeation Testing, SAE J1737 and SAE J30
  • Small Off Road Engine (SORE) Fuel Tanks, Portable Tanks, and Engine Evaporative Emissions
  • Fuel System Component Permeation Testing by S.H.E.D. Method
  • Fuel Fill, Loss, Spitback, Max. Fill, Residual, Fill Quality, & Grade Fill Evaluations
  • Slosh and Rollover Evaluations
  • Thermal Expansion Testing
  • Recirculation Testing
  • Mechanical Strength Testing
  • Hydrocarbon Speciation Including Gas and Liquid Chromatography Testing
  • Helium Tracer Gas Leak Detection
  • High Temperature Environmental Chamber for Sub-System Components Testing
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environmental Chambers
  • Extreme Temperature Thermal Chambers
  • Materials Fuel Compatibility Testing
  • OEM DVP&R Testing on fuel tank assemblies and fill pipes
  • CARB Recognized Lab  
  • European Council Standard Testing to: CEC F 05 93, CEC F 20 98, CEC F 23 01, CEC TDG-098
  • Bespoke engine tests away from standard CEC test methods
  • Evaluation of Low Friction Lubricants
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Inspection, Rectification & Build
  • Instrumentation & Data Logging
  • Mileage Accumulation
  • Open Road
  • Highway, Urban & Rural Test Routes
  • Test Track
  • High Speed, Accelerated Durability
  • Driver & Vehicle Management
  • 24/7 Operations, Vehicle Transportation, Servicing & Maintenance


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