SHED evaporative emission (permeation) testing services for the automotive, fuel system, marine, and petrochemical industries.

Intertek has provided evaporative emission permeation testing (SHED) for over 20 years, working with clients to develop appropriate evaporative emission-testing protocols. Testing protocol are used extensively to evaluate the evaporative emission tendencies of a wide variety of fuel components including valves, hoses, connectors, fittings, sending units, caps, plugs, tanks, and filler necks.

Entire fuel systems can be evaluated for evaporative emissions. Intertek has two different size sealed housings used for evaporative emission determinations (SHED). Fuel systems and fuel tanks are evaluated in our 63 cubic foot mini-SHEDs. Fuel system components are evaluated in our 15 cubic foot micro-SHEDs. Also available is a SHED for fuel system onboard refueling & vapor recovery (ORVR) work.

Intertek also performs Small Off Road Engine (SORE) and portable fuel container testing. Static evaporative emission testing is also provided.

In addition, Intertek performs evaporative emission testing by the SAE J1737 test and vehicle tire hydrocarbon emissions testing with on-site GC analysis.

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