EPA 1065 CVS full dilute heated tunnel emissions testing, servicing engine manufacturers and suppliers

Intertek Automotive Research engine emissions testing services include an EPA Part 1065 compliant Constant Volume Sampler (CVS) emissions tunnel. The engine emission tunnel is a full dilute heated system capable of bag and continuous dilute sampling, supplementing the automotive test lab transient partial dilute PM and raw gaseous sampling capabilities.

Diesel and gaseous fueled engines are certified to transient emissions standards for engine power specifications ranging from 50 HP (37kW) to 600 HP (450kW). The gaseous emissions sampling and analysis is incorporated, including analysis of CO (low), CO (high), CO2, NOx, THC, and CH4.

The on-site chemistry laboratory provides chemical speciation testing of the dilute exhaust. Automated calibrations, including linearity, interference, and converter checks, ensure maximum productivity of the bench. Through careful design, double-dilution, and heating, the PM sampling system complies with all the EU, CARB, and EPA regulations while using either 47 mm or 70 mm filters. The shared dilution tunnel can be used for a variety of testing programs on two A/C 600 HP transient dynamometer stands and one steady state eddy current dynamometer stand to 1200 HP.

EPA 1065 Engine Emission Testing Programs Include:

  • EPA test protocols (Part 86, 89, 94, 1039, 1065, etc.)
  • Production audit testing
  • Marine testing
  • Certification testing
  • Deterioration factor (DF) testing
  • Design validation and performance development testing
  • Exhaust after-treatment and catalyst testing
  • Calibration optimization
  • Particulate mass studies


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