Engine emissions, research, development, and testing services for the automotive and engine manufacturing industry

Intertek engine research, development, and emissions testing services perform engine emission testing programs for engine manufacturers and their suppliers. Engine emission evaluations are performed for customers including heavy-duty OEMs, passenger car OEMs, off-road and industrial equipment manufacturers, military, and tiered suppliers.

Engine Exhaust Emissions Test Programs:

  • FTP On-Road Transient Emissions Test Cycle
  • Non-road Transient Emissions Test Cycle
  • World Harmonized Transient Cycle (WHTC)
  • Other transient testing protocol
  • ISO 8178 testing
  • X-mode testing (8 mode, 13 mode, etc)
  • Other steady state testing protocol
  • EPA test protocols (Part 86, 89, 94, 1065, etc.)
  • Production audit testing
  • Small engine emissions testing
  • Marine engine emissions testing
  • Certification testing
  • Deterioration factor (DF) testing
  • Design validation testing
  • Performance development testing
  • After-market testing
  • Catalyst testing
  • Calibration optimization
  • Particulate mass studies

Intertek provides significant resources for engine R&D and emission projects:

  • Off Site Portal Presence:
    Intertek offers off site portal presence: the ability to view testing anywhere & real time via web link
  • Experienced Test Personnel:
    Test engineer assigned to each program
  • Project Quality

    Emission Capabilities and Equipment:

    • A/C Dynamometers - 600 hp, 2,100 ft*lb, motoring
    • Eddy current dynamometers – up to 1200 hp, 3,000 ft*lb
    • Multi constituent emissions benches including real time raw or dilute emissions
    • Combustion analysis equipment
    • Partial dilution tunnel and CVS tunnel for particulate mass measurement
    • Smoke meter – FSN number
    • Opacity meters
    • Precision crank angle encoders
    • Engine ECM interface equipment
    • Dedicated clean/weight room (EPA Title 40, Part 1065 compliant) and high precision/accurate micro-balance for the measurement of particulate mass
    • State of the art stand automation and control systems

    Automotive Emissions Services:

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