Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Testing

Reliable, comprehensive, and bespoke testing solutions to get your Electric and Hybrid Vehicles to market faster.

In the rapidly advancing Electric Vehicle (EV) and plug-in Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (PHEV) market, ensuring your automotive products stay ahead of the competition and guarantee performance, customer safety and satisfaction is vital.

The rapid advances in electrification technologies in the automotive industry and the accelerated global adoption of Electric Vehicles has led to an increase in demand within the European, North American, and global EV powertrain test market.

Intertek offers a diverse portfolio of testing services for its customers, providing bespoke testing solutions for commercial and Formula E manufacturers and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Currently, we have six dedicated EV test cells within our Intertek Milton Keynes facility with the following capabilities:

• High-speed eMotor dyno testing
• EV axle module testing
• EMS mapping
On-road vehicle testing

Intertek’s European Centre of Excellence for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
As global automotive manufacturers continue to invest and develop their Electric Vehicles and electrification technologies, Intertek is expanding its EV capabilities and investing in the creation of a European Centre of Excellence for high voltage EV propulsion systems testing in Milton Keynes. The new EV Testing Centre of Excellence will encompass motors, inverters, axle modules, all onboard vehicle electrical systems and complete Electric Vehicle testing.

This new facility will include 11 EV powertrain test cells, a complete four-wheel drive full vehicle climatic test chamber, electric axle module test rigs, three state-of-the-art e-motor dyno rigs operating at speeds up to 27,000rpm, and several specialist e-machine development rigs. To learn more about our new facility download our technical specification brochure.

Our Automotive Battery Testing
Intertek also offers a diverse range of Electric and Hybrid-electric Vehicle battery testing solutions; from cell, module and pack level testing, abuse testing, to fire exposure and safety certification testing, we can provide you with a one-stop-shop for your electric vehicle testing requirements. To learn more about our automotive battery testing capabilities, click here

Our Electric Vehicle Testing Capabilities

• 550kW eAxle 2WD – 1,232kW with optional additional Battery Simulation

• 550kW eAxle 2WD – with removable partition with above to create full vehicle 4WD test chamber

• 290kW, 27,000rpm eMachine Dyno

• 480kW, 20,000rpm eMachine Dyno

• 480kW, 20,000rpm eMachine Dyno
• 270kW, 18,000rpm eMachine Dyno

• 320kW, 20,000rpm eMachine Dyno

• 25,000rpm eMachine Back-to-Back durability rig

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