Our in-lab, closed course (track), and on-road fleet testing solutions provide Total Quality Assurance to passenger and heavy-duty vehicles

In today’s market, the automotive industry needs assurance that vehicles and their components and systems will withstand the rigors of real-world use. Intertek’s fleet testing services provide a comprehensive assessment of a vehicle’s performance in all driving and road conditions.

We utilize our global network, automotive experience and expertise to provide full vehicle fleet testing, data and mileage accumulation, and assessment of engines, components, and systems. These services offer valuable insights into the reliability and durability of the entire vehicle and each of its components.

From locating and transporting vehicles to preparing and conducting tests, we handle all aspects of the fleet testing process. Testing can be conducted at our Detroit or Intertek KJ Tech laboratories or at the American Center for Mobility; or we can set up temporary facilities anywhere in the world if there are specific climatic, altitude, road or other conditions that a vehicle should be tested under. Our services are customized to your specifications to ensure that your vehicles and components meet regulatory requirements and exceed consumer expectations.

Our services include:

  • Durability, propulsion, and high voltage testing
  • Advance driver-assistance system (ADAS) projects
  • Infotainment, connected car, and multimedia testing
  • Portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) application drive
  • Benchmarking components and systems
  • Test method development
  • Reverse engineering

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